Rotary of Hanover Santa Claus Parade

                                                    2019 Parade Rules and Regulations


  1. There CANNOT be a Santa replica in or around any float as Santa will be represented on a float at the end of the parade.
  2. If candy is to be given out it must be handed to the children along the route by walkers accompanying the float and CANNOT be thrown, at any time, from a float.
  3. People participating on the floats and in the assembly area or the parade will not consume or give the impression of consuming alcoholic beverages.
  4. No smoking will be allowed while participating in the parade.
  5. A maximum speed of 10 k.p.h. will be maintained during the parade as well as in the assembly and disembarking area.
  6. Demonstrations or performances are NOT to stop the forward motion of the parade.
  7. Only ONE VEHICLE will be accepted per signed waiver.
  8. Where a float will utilize a combustible fuel powered generator, participants MUST supply an appropriate fire extinguisher in close proximity to the generator and it must be readily visible.
  9. To ensure safety of all involved in the parade, floats with passengers under age 14 must supply ADULT spotters at each axle group, on both sides of the entry. These spotters must be able to pull riders who have fallen off the entry from the path of moving wheels of the vehicle.  The spotters cannot be performers and are strictly there for safety of the riders.
  10. Entries that are inflated, must use proper ballast at the base of the float to maintain stability. At NO TIME are people to be used as ballast!  The entry must demonstrate to the Chief Marshall that they are capable of maintaining control of their inflatable.  Depending upon wind and weather conditions, the Chief Marshall may not allow an inflatable entry to leave the marshalling area if it is determined that the safety risk to the participants or the spectators is too high.  
  11. Due to the length of the parade it is strongly suggested that children under 10 years of age be seated on floats rather than walking the parade route.
  12. ALL FLOATS must enter the assembly area from Grey Road #28 onto 12th Rotarians will collect a properly signed Waiver of Liability before the float will be allowed to line up for the Parade.
  13. All entries MUST be in place by 6:50 pm, and be ready to roll out starting at 7:00 pm sharp!
  14. Drop off vehicle parking will be available behind Grants Independent Grocer and should not enter the Parade Float line up area of 12th
  15. Floats will obey the instructions of the Chief Marshall and of parade marshals assigned to their section of the parade.
  16. The Chief Marshall has the authority to disallow any entry to proceed out of the assembly area if they feel there is a safety concern or, in their judgment, the entry is not abiding by the rules and regulations as stated above.
  17. All motorized vehicle entries must be ready to provide proof of proper insurance.



If there are any questions regarding the clarity of the above rules, all inquiries should be made to the Chief Marshall Jim Diebel  519-379-7848 or at  in advance of Parade Day.


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